Saturday, December 3, 2011

APDI Election of 2012-2013 Officers and Directors

Melvin R. Royo
APDI Board Secretary

The Association of Professional Detectives and Investigators (APDI), Inc. has elected its 2012-2013 Board of Directors at the EC Board Room of United Laboratories (Unilab), Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, on November 19, 2011.

Thirteen candidates and nominees vied to get the 11 slots of directors. They were determined based on their performance and attendance during general meetings and members of good standing. Other incumbent officers and directors of the association also ran for re-election.

The incumbent Chairman Capt. Conrado G. Dumlao and at the same time the Comelec Chairman opened the event by his welcome remarks and few motivational messages for the progress of the association then followed by the incumbent President Renato DG. De Guzman’s reports about the activities of the association in the last two years.

Capt. Dumlao discussed the election guidelines before he acknowledged the nominations from the body. The election begun after nominees accepted their nominations. While having a break, the Comelec members started collecting official ballots, which was distributed upon registration. After all the votes have been counted, the 11 candidates, who got the highest votes, were declared board of directors.

After the election ended, the 11 newly elected board of directors met to elect the officers. The newly elected officers and directors for 2012-2013 are as follows:

Chairman: Renato DG. De Guzman, CSP, CSMS
Special Services Dept. Head, United Laboratories (Unilab)
President: Carlito C. Galita, CSP, CSMS
Pres.& Gen. Manager, Aquillans Security
Vice-President: Raul V. Domingo, CSMS
Operations Manager, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.
Secretary: Melvin R. Royo
Chief Reports Analyst, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.
Treasurer: Eileen R. Tanchingco, CSP
Sales Manager, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.
Auditor: Manolito E. Garcia, Jr., CSP
Senior Operation Officer, Philreca Security Services Corp.
P.R.O.: Fausto T. Tirol, CSP
Operations Manager, Pro-Guard Security Services Corp.

Felipe E. Irinco
Chief Probation & Parole Officer, Parole and Probation Admin.
Agnes Purita P. Vibal, CSP
General Manager, See-true Building Maintenance, Inc.
Rogelio Cinco
Corporate Security Officer, Bank of Makati
Ritchie G. Hernandez, RC, CSP, AI
Special Operations Assistant, United Laboratories (Unilab)

The newly elected officers and directors will be inducted on January 21, 2012, at 6:00 PM at the Executive Dining of United Laboratories.

Meanwhile, APDI is a non-profit organization composed of detectives, investigators, and security practitioners and professionals, who have the passion and enthusiasm to do detective and investigative works. The association aims to continuously promote and maintain the highest professional ethics of detectives and investigators; adopt and preserve a spirit of cooperation, brotherhood and camaraderie; professional growth and development in the field of security through seminars; nationwide networks via regional representatives; and quarterly meeting for updates.

For membership and queries, please call the secretariat at 635-5929 and 635-5985 or fax at 634-7569.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Symposium on Disaster Preparedness

by: Melvin R. Royo

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) selected associates headed by its President Conrado G. Dumlao, attended the Symposium on Disaster Preparedness on September 24, 2011 at Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig City. Said symposium was sponsored and organized by the Rotary International District 3800 through its Committee Chairman Ernesto “Nesty” G. Carolina.

Discussed during this half-day symposium were Mobilizing Communities for Disaster Preparedness, which was facilitated by Dir. Susan M. Cruz from Office of the Civil Defense-NCR; Overview of Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction Program (NDRRMC), which was conducted by Usec. Benito T. Ramos, Administrator-OCD and Exec. Director-NDRRMC. Present also during the said occasion was the Rotary Club of Pasig President Aurelio “Rel” Gomez, who started the main event with his Welcome Remarks. Before the symposium finally adjourned the Keynote Speaker Cedric P. Daet imparted his expertise on Disaster Preparedness.

Meanwhile, Truth Verifier System (TVSI) was awarded by the Philippine National Police as Hall of Fame for being the most consistent recipient of Best Private Detective Agency award. It is the first ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company for lie detector testing, detective and investigative services, and training. It is also being recognized for its exemplary service, expertise, integrity and truthful reporting by numerous local associations making it known globally.

TVSI is located at Unit 254, 2/F Cityland Building, #128 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City, with contact numbers 634-7571 & 634-7573, fax no. 634-7569, e-mail address and website

Detection and Investigation Workshop

by: Melvin R. Royo

The Association of Professional Detectives and Investigators (APDI), Inc. National Headquarters Mobile Training Unit, in coordination with APDI Cordillera Autonomous Region Chapter and Flex Impact Security and Training Services (FISTS), Inc. headed by the APDI Chairman for CAR Miller F. Peckley, conducted a one-day workshop entitled “Detection and Investigation Workshop” on October 1, 2011 at Gladiola Center, KM 5, La Trinidad, Benguet.
The said event was attended by more than 40 participants and guests from the security industry in Baguio City, Benguet and nearby provinces. Among the participants were security operators, managers, professionals and practitioners.
There were also participants from the academe, who also shared their ideas during the discussion. The participants enjoyed the workshop because they learned several techniques and skills on the field of security. They also experienced updates about the effective methods used in detection and in investigation.
The participants were fascinated with the topics discussed during the whole day event. They got ideas on how to detect and deter liars and cheaters with the topic entitled “Profiling Liars and Cheaters” presented by the President of Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) and the Captain of Professional Detectives Conrado G. Dumlao.
The occasion became more informative when the TVSI Chief of Detectives and Operations Manager Raul V. Domingo shared his expertise on investigation and detection with his topic entitled “Background/Credit Investigation and Surveillance/Undercover”.
The resounding discussion on "Physical Security" by speaker Renato DG. De Guzman, Special Services Department Head of Unilab (United Laboratories), as well boosted the interests of the participants.
The participants never got tired of embracing all the knowledge shared to them by the speakers. They seemed to have been jam-packed with the information but they still have the eagerness to listen and partake to the presentation of Carlito C. Galita, President and General Manager of Aquillans Security when he discussed the “Anatomy of Burglary”, in which the participants have truly grasped concepts on how to uncover burglars and how to prevent the occurrence of burglary within the workplace and residence.
At the end of the day, the participants rated the entire workshop either “Excellent” or “Very Good” with remarks of either “Highly Recommended” or “Recommended”.
Meanwhile, APDI provides numerous professional opportunities to members. The association helps continuously promote and maintain the highest professional ethics of detectives and investigators; adopts and preserves a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie; provides professional growth and development through seminars; offers nationwide networks; and arranges quarterly meetings for updates.

For membership, please contact the APDI National Secretary Melvin R. Royo at 635-5929 or 635-5985 or you may e-mail him at APDI. APDI Secretariat is located at Unit 254, 2/F Cityland Building, #128 Pioneer St., 1550 Mandaluyong City.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Security Management Techniques Seminar

Citizen Truth Verifier Academy, a subsidiary of Truth Verifier Systems, Inc., will be conducting a seminar entitled Security Management Techniques on November 15, 2011 (Tuesday), from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at ATENEO PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS located at 20 Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City, Metro Manila. Registration starts at 7 o’clock in the morning. Participants are encouraged to have pre-registration and avail of an early bird discount.

The said seminar will help the participants have deep understanding on the concept of security and investigation. Among the topics to be tackled on this day are: Background Investigation, Legal Aspects of Investigation, Investigative Interview and Interrogation, The Lie Detector Test and its components, Surveillance: that subdivided to Stake-out and Mobile, and Electronic Counter Intelligence.

It is a one day affair that everyone should not miss. This is an opportunity of once in a life time having endeavored with the best professionals of the industry.

The speakers have been chosen because of their skills and of the great impact they have contributed in the field of expertise. They will share their knowledge and experiences. It will be led by Ret. Capt. Conrado G. Dumlao, President, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. and Captain of the Professional Detectives, Atty. Leynard O. Dumlao, Prosecutor IV, Mandaluyong City. Hon. Antonio C. Angeles, Training Director, RMA Training Center, who was imported as a guest speaker to discuss his expertise in electronic marketing.

Also included are the Investigation authorities and TVSI Associates Mr. Raul V. Domingo, CSMS, Operations Manager, Ms. Beatriz S. Corpuz, Chief Lie Detector Examiner and completing the roster of guest speakers is Mr. Miguel Panchito P. Dela Paz, RC, Senior Investigator / Assistant Chief Polygraphist.

For more information, feel free to drop a call at these numbers 635-5929 or 635-5985 or e-mail at drop or you may visit our website at Kindly look for Ms. Marietta Cairo, Head of Training Department or Ms. Jen Mejia, TVSI Associate.

TVSI also accepts In-House Training Private on Private Detective Pre-Licensing Course.

By: Jennifer B. Mejia
Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Celebrity, a noun word associated with “intrigues, scandals and lies”. It is hard to be a public figure, most especially being a TV Personality. Your life has been an open book. There is no single information or privacy that you can hide from the eyes of the viewing public.

Most of the time, what we call “stars” shine through controversies, conspiracies and maneuvers. If you did not encounter those vital words in the showbiz industry, be afraid and think not be in the limelight.

People, mostly Filipinos, are fond of creating and knowing gossips. Rumors are quickly spread for it is in our nature to be called as “chismoso and chismosa”, particularly if your favorite celebrities are involve in an issue.

Publicity is the main reason why issues and intrigues were made. Good or bad, it is still publicity. It can add up spice to the journey of one’s artist career. Though, some, especially the new breed of talents aspires to be the next big thing, are not used to the show business’ trend and endeavors. If encountered a disintegrating scheme, either way, deny it or chooses not to speak about the matter. But how sure are we, if they are telling the truth or it is just a lie.

Showbiz Central, a showbiz oriented program, airs every Sunday at around 4:00 PM on GMA channel 7. It talks about certain issues that involve your favorite stars. There is a special segment called DON’T LIE TO ME hosted by the one and only JOHN “SWEET” LAPUZ. It features different GMA7 talents to take the fiercely LIE DETECTOR TEST every week.

The said segment talks about gossips, intrigues and scandals of the featured artist. He / She is affix on a lie detector machine and a licensed Polygraphist will examine the chart to determine if the subject, person who currently taking the lie detector test, is telling the truth or not. The artist asks 3 sets of questions answerable by YES or NO. Result can be detected for a few seconds and the Polygraph examiner will raise the TRUTH or LIE signage. If the result is LIE , “SWEET” will face the consequence of dancing for the audience viewing pleasure.

Though, the polygraph test for that particular show is used as a mean of entertaining the public and proving that there is no need to be afraid to take the LIE DETECTOR TEST. However, the results of the Polygraph test are accurate and believable.

All of us have our own secrets to hide. Even the “Stars” that we idolized also have one, in which the public may not be known, but with the advancement of technology. They will not escape the reality that through and through their secrets will be revealed once undergone the LIE DETECTOR TEST.

By: Jennifer B. Mejia
Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Reliability and Admissibility of Lie Detector (Polygraph) Test

By: Melvin R. Royo

Lie Detector (Polygraph) Test has been widely used for a long time by CIA, FBI, Law Enforcement, Secret Service and best managed companies for pre-employment screening, periodic audit and specific case investigation. It is also recognized as a valuable tool for decision-making and an effective scientific investigative tool to solve various cases all over the world.

In the Philippines, lie detector is also being used by progressive companies and law enforcement agencies like Philippine National Police and National Bureau of Investigation. However, many people are still unconvinced using it. They still ask “Is lie detector test reliable? Is it admissible in court?”

The reliability and accuracy of the test depends on the examiner, examinee and the system. The Examiner and Examinee play vital role on the reliability and accuracy of the results. Establishing a good rapport between the two is a very essential thing to be considered to have a concrete result. Just like the doctor and a patient: if either does not cooperate or play his own role, the patient’s complaint cannot be adequately treated. The examiner and the examinee should play their respective roles the best way they can. They should be both physically and mentally stable. The examinee must also cooperate and obey the instructions given by the examiner.

The examiner must project impartiality and carefully explain the purpose of the test. It is also very important that he should not stray or be lost into question areas not generally relevant to the purpose of the test or case.

And most of all, the examiner must adhere strictly to the code of ethics set by American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), the world’s oldest developer of industry standard. These standards include:

a. The Examiner must be a college graduate, has a good moral character, training on polygraphy (including psychology and physiology) and scientific interrogation.
b. The Instrument must record at least three (3) systems of the human body: Respiratory (breathing) tracing, Electrodermal (sweating) tracing and Cardiovascular (blood pressure, blood volume and pulse beat) tracing.
c. The examination must be asked with exclusive control questions, done with acquaintance/ stimulation test and at least three comparison question technique (control and relevant question) charts.
d. Results will be released based on the numerical scoring.

On the other hand, the examinee must have taken a rest with at least four to five hours sleep before taking the test. He/She should not be drunk or has not taken any prohibited drugs or medication because it will suppress the normal activity of the Central Nervous System. It is also very essential that the examinee must be free from any physical and mental abuse prior to the test. The examinee, who is pregnant of 8-9 months, is also discouraged from taking the test; and a parental consent is needed for minor examinee.

The accuracy and reliability of lie detector test is still being questioned. Many people still do not know that the lie detector test has been proven to be accurate like the Treasury Department funded experiments that showed polygraph to be 90% accurate. In more recent research, the confirmed average validity was shown to be 96%. Only 4 to 10% of the results were declared inconclusive and almost no error.

In the Unites States, most states allow the use of polygraph test results as evidence provided that both parties have agreed to their admissibility prior to the examination under the terms of conditions. On the other hand, in one US state, New Mexico, polygraph evidence is admitted in the same way as other scientific evidence.

Although lie detector test has been used in the United States and in the Asia Pacific Region for a long time, there is still no court ruling on the admissibility of polygraph evidence in any court proceedings in these countries. It will only become admissible if ruled on by the judge. However, in Japan, polygraph evidence is admissible in court.

There are few cases in the U.S. that lie detector test was considered to be admissible. The U.S. Court of Appeals declared in precedent setting decision that “the Science of Polygraph has progressed to a level of acceptance sufficient to allow the use of polygraph evidence” on the case of U.S. vs. Piccionnona in 1989. Same also with the case of William Daubert vs. Merrel Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in U.S. Supreme court sometime in 1993, in which the court adopted polygraph expert scientific testimony in federal trial. Another example is about the U.S. vs. Scheffer trial in 1998, in which the polygraph (lie detector) provides another accurate form of circumstantial evidence of consciousness of guilt and found it sufficiently reliable to be admitted.

The public’s general opinion is that the lie detector is not allowed in court proceedings under any circumstances. The fact is that the lie detector result is admissible in most courts in the US. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the issue of admissibility so it has been up to individual jurisdictions to allow or disallow them. There are some jurisdictions that have absolute bans on admitting polygraph results, but most allow them. The judge as well is least likely to use lie detector test if it was administered by an unaccredited examiner. The simple fact is that both the plaintiff and the defendant have to agree to having the results of the test be admissible, prior to the examination being conducted. Since the results of the test are going to hurt one party and help the other, the likelihood that both parties will agree to admissibility before knowing how it will affect their case, is minimal. Because of this, results of Polygraph testing are rarely admitted as evidence

In the Philippines, polygraph evidence was first discussed by the Supreme Court in 1978 in People v. Daniel (G.R. No. L-40330 Nov. 20, 1978). In this case, the accused submitted to the trial court the results of a polygraph test to show that he was innocent of the crime of rape. After almost 12 years, the Supreme Court was confronted again with polygraph evidence in People v. Adoviso, 309 SCRA 1 (1999). Pablo Adoviso was convicted of two counts of murder by the Regional Trial Court of Camarines Sur. He was identified by two witnesses as the perpetrator of the crimes. Among the evidence offered was the testimony of a polygraph examiner of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) who conducted a polygraph test on Adoviso. The polygraph examiner opined that Adoviso’s polygrams revealed that there were no specific reactions indicative of deception to pertinent questions relevant to the investigation of the crimes. Despite this finding, the trial court found Adoviso guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

In the report on the issue of the mysterious theft of a service vehicle in Camp Crame, the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be giving lie detector test to 40 PNP personnel to determine the circumstances about the incidents. Reports say that the PNP Criminal Laboratory will process the results that are known to be “unreliable and ordinarily not accepted as evidence in criminal trials.” (Phil. Daily Inquirer, August 11, 2011 issue)

The use of lie detector test on this probe will be very much helpful in determining the people behind the incident. The credibility of the result, however, might be jeopardized since the investigation will be conducted within the jurisdiction. There might have a bias or delay in the releasing of the result to prolong the investigation. Hence, a third party private and reputable lie detector company would be a great choice.

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) is the first and the Number 1 industrial lie detector company in the Philippines. It has four fully computerized lie detector (polygraph) instruments. Its President, Capt. Conrado G. Dumlao, decided to open such business to address the needs of the security industry to combat the growing fraud activities as well as to strengthen the pre-employment screening. Capt. Dumlao is listed as an active Professional Polygraph Examiner and International Liaison Committee Member of the American Polygraph Association, U.S.A.

TVSI was awarded by the Philippine National Police as Hall of Fame for being the most consistent recipient of Best Private Detective Agency Award. Its professional and skilled examiners also cope with the changes by continuous trainings and workshops. Established in the Philippines in 1966, it is now 45 years in quality service. It is the first ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company for lie detector testing, detective and investigative services, and training. It has also been recognized for its exemplary service, expertise, integrity and truthful reporting by numerous local associations making it also known globally.

Monday, August 15, 2011



Sapphire is a gemstone comprises of mineral called corundum. It can be found naturally, through sediments or rock formations. Just like other elements, it has its own distinct features that may outshine the rest. Mostly, it has bluish color signifies a well-balanced lifestyle in which reliability and temperament run together and always has a sense of readiness to encounter new things.

Those are some of the qualities of a Sapphire that best describe Truth Verifier Systems Inc. The company that pioneers in lie detector test in the Philippines wherein giving security services to the government and private sectors. It was founded on May 1966, a business partnership with Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Chandler F. Willliams, Capt. Conrado Dumlao and Dr. Alcyone Thor Reyes. It is a certified member of American Polygraph Association, American Society of Industrial Security, International Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and International Association of Professional Investigators & Detectives.

On its 45 years in the industry, the company received numerous awards given by reputable government and private sectors. Philippine National Police (PNP) recently awarded the company as a Hall of Famer for the Best Private Detective Agency, being the most consistent awardee in 1999, 2006 and 2007.
Like a precious Sapphire stone, TVSI has its peculiar quality that stands out the rest of its competitors. The reason why the company exists for such a long time is because each associate believe in its principle. The TVSI Secret of Success – 12 philosophies on how to attain success.

Here are the TVSI secret of success as adapted by its associates in their daily jobs:

 Honesty brings harmony in the workplace.
 The TVSI Way: Do it honestly, justly, effectively and efficiently
 Aim for excellence, zero defects
 TEAM – Together, Everyone, Achieve, Miracle.
 Perfect practice makes perfect
 Trust but verify
 Do it right the first time
 Huwag magdahilan, gumawa ng paraan (Make ways, do not make excuses)
 Always Observe: Secrecy Discipline, Compartmentalization, and Need-to-know Basis
 Mag-ingat sa mura (Beware of cheap)
 The chief is responsible for whatever his unit does or fails to do

TVSI come across triumphs and defeats but it stands still. It has well experienced associates that excel in their own field of expertise. Furthermore, it is equipped with advance technology that makes there service fast and up to date though the services cost is cheaper.

Through the years, TVSI has been assisting people with their needs for investigation and knowing the truth. It will continuously serve the public as for clamor arises.

Jennifer B. Mejia
Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Seminar for Graduate Executive Program of PCCr.

Last July 27, 2011, TRUTH VERIFIER SYSTEMS, INC. (TVSI) conducted a seminar entitled ‘BEST PRACTICES IN PROFILING LIARS & CHEATERS’ at 2nd Floor Cityland Building, 128 Pioneer St., 1550 Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. The seminar features the topics about the Value of Hotline Tips Techniques, The Body Language and The Value of Lie Detection. There were 30 participants from the Graduate Executive Class of Philippine College of Criminology (PCCr)who actively take part on the said seminar.

TVSI President Captain Conrado G. Dumlao, as the main lecturer, shared his knowledge about detecting illegal activities, increasing productivity, deterring wrongdoings and bringing harmony and honesty in the workplace. The lecture was divided into 3 sub-topics,as follows:

I. The Value of Hotline Tips Techniques (Whistleblower)
• Defining and Detecting Whistle blowers
• Defining Corruption and its Status in the Philippines
• Related Cases and Articles of Corruption in the Philippines

II. Body Language (Physical and Verbal Clues of Lying)
• The Common Lying Gestures
• Three Rules for Accurate Reading
• Physical Clues of Lying
• Verbal Clues of Lying
• Statement Analysis, Evaluating Answers, Interviews

III. The Value of Lie Detector Test (Exonerate the innocent, detect the guilty)
• Applied Psycho-Physiology of Lying
• The Polygraph Machine and its components
 Process
 Accuracy
 Validity
 Reliability

The said seminar lasted for 2 hours. The participants acquired helpful techniques in relation to the field that they are taking to.

Meanwhile, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) pioneers in lie detector test in the Philippines wherein they give security services to the government and private sector. The company gives seminars in detecting fraud in the workplace all over the Philippines. Most of the seminar attendees are accountants, auditor, security, administration managers, lawyers, and business from different company.

TVSI also offers in-house seminars and detective courses. For more details, please log on to or call us at +632 634-7571 and +632 634-7573.

Jennifer B. Mejia
Truth Verifier Systems,Inc.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Organize your In-house Detectives and Investigators Unit

Are you a Filipino citizen? Physically and mentally fit? A holder of a baccalaureate degree? With good moral character? Not over 50 years of age?

Enroll now and become a professional Private Detective in just 19 days after completing the Pre-Licensing Course at Citizen Truth Verifier Academy, Inc. (CTVAI), a subsidiary of the Nation’s No. 1 Private Detective Agency and awarded as the Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency by the Philippine National Police --- Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.

This course would indoctrinate basic education and skills in investigation and detection. Now your company may have its well-trained and skilled combatant investigators to impede any illegal or fraudulent activities within the workplace. Likewise, they would safeguard the company’s assets and uplift its integrity.

Hence, your company won’t need to outsource detective services.

Meanwhile, CTVAI also offers a Re-Training Course for the renewal of license to re-invigorate knowledge and skills after two years in service. As modernization is concerned, changes are constantly observed. Reinvigorating the knowledge and enhancing the skills is necessary in order to continuously adopt and do the most compelling responsibility as an investigator.

Citizen Truth Verifier Academy, Inc. is accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Commission of Higher Education (CHED), Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Office of the Ombudsman (OMB). Moreover, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. is a member of the Association of Professional Investigators and Detectives, Inc., World Association of Detectives, American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, International.

For more details, please call Marietta at 635-5929, 635-5985 or you may send your query by fax 634-7569 or email at

Melvin Royo

Hotline Tips Techniques (Whistleblower)

Investigations often demonstrate that co-workers are aware that something was amiss in a company before the management had a clue. While some employees are comfortable reporting concerns through an open-door policy but others are not. Despite policies to the contrary, there is still sometimes the fear of retaliation by either peer groups, co-workers, or by supervisors.

A whistleblower hotline is probably the best, the easiest and least expensive means available to improve corporate governance. Losses, wastes, frauds, and the abuses of authority in a company can all be combated and prevented by having an independent reporting mechanism that uses employees to report wrongdoings…and Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) can help you with that.

An independently-run whistleblower solution by TVSI is extremely inexpensive when compared to the significant money-saving advantages your company can gain. There is no good reason to limit the means the employees and others can have for reporting concerns. Each person will be encouraged to report concerns in a manner that is less threatening. As the fear of subtle or delayed retaliation can be the difference between someone speaking up or deciding to keep quiet about an important issue.

TVSI assures the anonymity and confidentiality to those who seek it, as it is essential in motivating your personnel to make that sensitive phone call or email submission.

TVSI, awarded as the 2008 Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency by the Philippine National Police, is the best provider for an independent whistleblower solution. To know more about this service, please call tel. nos. 634-7571 and 634-7573 or email TVSI also provide fraud investigation services.

Questioned Document Verification

If you are a victim of a forgery or think you might be a victim of one... we at Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) can help. Our Questioned Documents Examiners can help you ascertain through the confusing and challenging process of proving a document (contract, check, will, signature card, etc) is a forgery or not. Even if your problem doesn't involve an attorney... knowing the truth about handwriting or a signature can really set your mind at ease.

A "questioned" document is any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other mark whose source or authenticity is in dispute or doubtful. Letters, checks, contracts, wills, hotel registers and receipts, medical fraud are the most common questioned documents, although marks on doors, walls, windows, or boards would also be included by definition. This service is used on documents where there are only a single signature, or initials, and on small amounts of writing. What are needed for this kind of service are standard documents (confirmed writings) and the questioned document.

TVSI provides Questioned Document Examinations to clients throughout the Philippines. We handle a wide range of document examinations, including, but not limited to, suspect signatures, disputed handwriting, and the examination of altered or forged documents. We also assist clients with the investigation and litigation of the various frauds and forgeries involving questioned or suspicious documents.

We invite you to check our website at for our company profile and information regarding our many services, our people, and our experience.

If you have any questions or comments pertaining to our questioned document service, please email us at or call us at (02) 634-7571 and 634-7573.

Yo dela Riva

Process Serving

Are you looking for a professional process serving company that can serve your important legal and sensitive documents in the Philippines? Have you been looking for a dependable and reliable solution to do your process serving? Then look no further…Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) can help.

TVSI Process Servers is here to SERVE you better!

TVSI can meet all of your legal process serving needs and provides the highest level of efficiency, speed and reliability, while meeting tight, on-demand service deadlines. TVSI takes pride in the service of process since 1960s, a definite peace-of-mind served anywhere in the Philippines.

The main advantage of using a professional process serving company like TVSI is that they are generally faster than other forms of service, and can, if needed later be called to testify or give testimony by affidavit that the process service and / or original service was done in accordance with the law. Service of process is the procedure employed to give legal notice to a person or defendant so as to enable that person to respond to a court proceeding. Notice is furnished by delivering a set of court documents to the person to be served. A process server should be use to deliver your summons, writ or complaint to prevent a defendant from escaping service.

More about TVSI

TVSI, awarded by the Philippine National Police as the 2008 Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency, also provides services for Fingerprint Taking & Comparison, Questioned Document Examination, and many others. To know more of their many services, TVSI is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mondays to Saturdays at 2/F Cityland Bldg. 129 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. Or you may visit their website or call telephone nos. 634-7571 and 634-7573.

Yo dela Riva

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aim For Excellence: Zero Defect

Committing To Professionalism and Exceeding Customer Satisfaction

by: Melvin R. Royo

It is one of the few quotes which always motivates us at Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI). Our President, Capt. Conrado G. Dumlao, always reminds us with his quotable quotes. Those quotes, though sometimes sounds ridiculous, have truly proven to be effective when being practiced properly for the company’s successes.

All establishments are aiming for customer satisfaction, no doubt about it. But at TVSI, the associates have different points of view. Our President has instilled in our minds to aim for a more worthwhile one – exceeding customer satisfaction. Since our company is service-oriented, it is essential that we put the interest of our customers first before anything else. We commit to handling the job satisfactorily – better, cheaper and faster. It is always our desire to see our customer coming back to our office, not to complain about our services, but to avail of our services again. Other clients also even refer more potential clients to try our expertise.

It is with great determination to establish a perfect harmony as a TEAM – Together, Everyone, Achieve, Miracles. We are a team trying to work together and always committed to do the best to extend quality service. A service company that does not only meet the expectations of the customers but something that could deliver much more than what is expected. We are often told not to be contented with being very good but to always aim for excellence.

Quality control is an important technique. Each associate is tasked to ensure an extensive excellent service to the customers. In one way or another, each department has the responsibility to check and correct any flaws or shortcomings that may arise during the period of the job. Erroneous reports and poor quality service would definitely affect the interests of the customers. Only excellent service can satisfy the customers; thereby maintaining a harmonious relationship with them. It is because of them that our company remains in existence. We depend on the customers for the survival and for company growth and development. Therefore, we must always aim to commit to rendering exceeding customer satisfaction.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Truth Verifier at Zoe Light TV Channel 33

by: Melvin R. Royo

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI), the country’s leading lie detector company, will be featured at Word Up, a Christian youth-oriented talk show, at Zoe Light TV Channel 33 this August. This show airs every Sundays at 8:00 PM.

Noted as the number 1 company when it comes to lie detection, TVSI’s skilled and professional lie detector examiners were invited to be the resource speakers on the show’s next episode entitled “Lies and Deception”. This episode aims to educate the youth televiewers on how to detect lies and expose deception. As such, young men and women will get to know another technique in shedding light on any confounding juvenile issues with the aide of the computerized lie detector instrument.

TVSI Chief Lie Detector Examiner Beatriz S. Corpuz and Asst. Chief Lie Detector Examiner Miguel Panchito P. Dela Paz will share their lie detection prowess on the said show. They will demonstrate how lie detector test works and how it is being administered. They will not only impart their expertise in diagnosing liars through physical and verbal signs, but they will also illustrate how deception is being validated by the instrument.

Meanwhile, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc., now on its 45th years of quality service, is also noted as the top private detective company. It is the first and only awardee of Philippine National Police as the Hall of Fame Best Private Detective. TVSI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. It is located at Unit 254 Cityland Bldg., 128 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City with contact numbers 634-7571 & 634-7573, e-mail add and website

Monday, July 11, 2011

Detective Stories: Uncovered

by: Melvin R. Royo

People nowadays have been fascinated with what they see in the movies, primetime television programs and even what they read from the best-selling books relevant to detective and investigative works. Movies that portray James Bond character with a “Mission Impossible” job, television series like “CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)” on Studio 23 or even the local television series “Palos” on ABS-CBN.

Even children are mesmerized. Some think of going into detective works in the future because of the glamorous role a private eye does. With the most romantic tandem in the places never been gone, passionate escapades of lovers, state of the art gadgets and equipment, rogue settings and dangerous but exciting adventures.

The job of a private eye, therefore, is not that easy as the movie actors and actresses portray – positive result at the end at all times. A private eye needs to focus on the mission and be committed to quality service by positive and truthful reporting. And with extra diligence, hard work and continuous training in order to preserve the dignity and integrity the company he represents, thus, serving well the clienteles and supersede if not quantify their payments for the service. Likewise, to go beyond with the other companies, which render the same services.

Unlike in the movies, private eye actors have several takes before completing a certain scenario. In reality, a private detective has only one take to do an investigation. Natural acting prowess or good cover stories to cope
with the environment where he conducts investigation should be taken into consideration.

Take for example the story of a female private eye from the country’s number 1 private detective company, wherein she posed as an undercover agent to confirm if the subject's relationship with his former paramour rekindled. She was assigned as the subject's secretary who receives his calls. One day, a call came from a woman with instructions for the subject to meet her at a hotel lobby at 4:30 pm. She gave her nickname but refused to give her number. The agent informed the subject right away about it but he did not make any comment. When he went to the restroom, the agent sneaked at once into his office, then peeked into his digital diary which she had been mastering how to operate. She retrieved the file of his daily schedule and found out that the woman who just called up was indeed his former lover. The subject left the office at 4:15 p.m. Meanwhile, the hotel was just a few blocks away from his office. The agent called up the hotel at 4:30 p.m. and asked the hotel staff to page the subject. When he was already on the line confirming that the subject was there with the woman, the agent tipped off the other operatives right away so they could carry out surveillance at once.

Diligence and courage are needed to make a positive output in every job. Fear of getting burn out during the operation should have no place in mind. A private eye should always think of positive things to radiate positive outcome. There was another private eye from the same company who shared her story. The mission was to catch the subject in the act of infidelity. The client joined the operation. The client’s husband and suspected paramour were delegates in a conference at a five-star hotel. The agent and her team checked in at the hotel to easily coordinate with the client who was also discreetly following the subject so she could catch him in the act. At the convention, the operatives closely monitored the movements of the subject especially during breaks after each session. The members of the surveillance team stood by at the lobby so they could tail the subject and the suspect at once if ever they leave the area. The operatives followed the subject on his way to his room at the sixth floor where the former also occupied a room. The operatives’ was at the right wing such that the subject’s door was visible from the verandah. About fifteen minutes later, the operatives saw the suspect walking along the hallway leading to the subject's room. The agent coordinated with the client at once who was staying at a nearby hotel. The client knocked on the subject’s door and after a few minutes, the subject opened the door wearing an expression of surprise and disbelief. The client did not see the suspect at once, so she searched for her and later found the latter hiding inside a closet.

Needless to say, a lot of companies are now rendering detective and investigation services. However, choosing the best one could be confusing – considering the high cost and how each company’s operational plan goes. As Capt. Conrado G. Dumlao, the President of the country’s Best Private Detective Company, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc., always says, “In Investigation and Detective Work: Mag-ingat sa Mura (Beware of cheap).” This is in connection with the emergence of the fly-by-night firms offering a much cheaper service but with no guaranteed good outcome. A lot of factors must be considered in choosing a detective company. In order to have security in times of any untoward incidents, the agency must have a PNP License to Operate (Under Republic Act 5487). The agency must also have at least 30 licensed private detectives who have passed the Private Detective Course and have complied with the PNP prerequisites. For security of service, the company must also strictly adhere on secrecy discipline and secret privileged communication of the job. Likewise, to get the company the best and guaranteed services, there must have a written contract in order not to encounter artificial obstructions caused by complicated and undocumented agreement. Another important factor to consider is the track record of the company. To mention, TVSI is awarded by the Philippine National Police as the Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency for being the most consistent recipient of the said award in 1999, 2006 and 2007. It is also ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

The company’s ultimate goal is to give utmost satisfaction to clients by exceeding what is expected at a low cost of service. To quote Capt. Dumlao’s words, “to render a high value service with cheaper, better and faster report.”

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surveillance on Cheating Spouse: “I just want the TRUTH”

If you've got this gut feeling that your partner may be cheating on you or that you're almost certain they are but just cannot prove it… Or if you're suspicious about your partner but like most others in this situation, making the biggest mistake of ruining the chances of knowing the truth… you need independent evidence… Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) can help you with that.

Changes in your spouse's behavior may lead you to suspect cheating. The worry that follows is all-consuming and cause many sleepless nights. And although you may not think that your cheating spouse would ever suspect that someone would be watching them, the majority of cheaters are well aware of the potential for someone, likely you, to be watching them. To put the issue to rest, TVSI recommends being the one to do the job for you for quietly monitoring your spouse's activities.
Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. is a private detective agency noted for its exemplary service, expertise, integrity and truthful reporting. As such, Surveillance is one of the “bread and butter” of the company.

TVSI’s private detectives or investigators are equipped with high-tech digital and video cameras to capture footages discreetly without being noticed by the subject because as the days where a detective/investigator's word was all you needed are gone. Video capture is more effective and does not lie and strong evidence in court as well. It also has the appropriate equipment to capture evidence both from a car and inside a hotel, restaurant, bar or other public domain; it also has hidden, body-worn discreet cameras that can be used when the need arises.

TVSI has been assisting people in obtaining the necessary evidence of their spouses cheating, to help them in determining, 100 %, whether or not infidelity is occurring. TVSI will follow your spouse, videotape all of their activities and prove one way or the other whether they are cheating. TVSI is private detective agency that operates nationwide. Please feel free to visit their website at or contact tel. nos. (02) 634-7571 & (02) 634-7573 or email them at to know more about this service.

Yo Dela Riva

The Power of Truth in Management

By: Melvin R. Royo

One of mankind’s greatest stressors in our daily lives is to handle the degree of being honest. To tell the truth and nothing but the truth or sometimes truth does not really set us free. Considering lines from the books in the Bible, Proverbs 12:12 “The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment” or “If you continue in My word… you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” – Jesus (John 8:31). These are only a few lines which guide mankind to live a peaceful and better life here on earth.

We have all been taught to tell the truth since our childhood. Despite the conflicting instructions and situations, we are sometimes opted not to tell the truth just not to hurt others’ feelings. Our alibi will be “It would be okay because this is just a white lie”. But the degree of white lie is sometimes a cliché which makes others may continuously endure the pain of dishonesty. On the other hand, when confronted with contradictions, liars just smile sheepishly.

“Truth is the secret if eloquence and of virtue, the basis of moral authority; it is the highest summit of art and of life” – Henri Frederic Amiel. The word “truth” is also often used as tagline to promote companies and products. It is even used as company name.

Before landing a job, I got fascinated with Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. I was quite briefed by my friend who was then employed with the said company. It is a private detective company noted for its exemplary service, expertise, integrity and truthful reporting. These are the identities of the company. Polygraph Test, commonly known as Lie Detector, was the company’s bread and butter in its starting years way back 1966. The company President Conrado G. Dumlao, however, never chose the company name Lie Detector but rather in a positive tone which is “Truth Verifier” Systems, Inc.

The company, as it grows older, engaged in other services too. It later offered investigative and detective services. As such, missions are in search for truth. Truth behind contradictions and search for evidence.

Considering its company identity, pressures are in the management. Being truthful to the clients when it comes to the services is a very crucial thing to be regarded. Also, to maintain the trust and harmonious relationship between the clients and the company; thereby, staying in the business longer.

Unlike with manufacturing firms, they have the so-called “rejects” after the quality control; there are also “backorders” for some products which might need to be refined or reprocessed to make it useful again. In services, “trial and error” is not an option. A job of a private detective always adheres to truth.

Every piece of information being provided to the client always has a basis of truth. What have been said was said already. It might damage or uplift one’s name but it is definitely hard to retract such information.

For instance, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. does not only cater investigation services to its clients. The company also conducts Pre-employment Lie Detector Test and Background Check to its applicants. Pre-employment Lie Detector Test is designed to test whether an applicant is truthful or not in the application form. It is also designed to know the problems that might interfere with the job. Meanwhile, a Periodic Audit is designed to reassess the present employees to determine their honesty and inimical activities in the workplace that escaped the ordinary observation in the course of routine management.

Truth and honesty are critical elements for the success of company. Department Managers must know how to handle the truth without compromising its routine and the relationships towards subordinates and clients. This also includes stockholders to accurately convey the potential problem areas that could impact the entire management. Most employees find it easy to report good things, however, the reality is, if it is bad news, truth becomes more elusive. This lack of accurate information can result to poor project plans and unanticipated risk event surprises. Therefore, having inaccurate or incomplete information is a risk that must be properly addressed.

Management is a great factor on the working behaviors of the employees. As often said, “it takes two to tango”; but others now say, “it takes three to disco”. It may sound hilarious but it is quite true. The management should not only focus on its employees but also on how to take care of the clients. Good and constant communication between the company, employees and the clients certainly helps establish a harmonious relationship among them.

On the other hand, management’s vulnerability is a great factor on employees’ deceitfulness. It has something to do with the implementation of the company policies. The very heart of management is discipline of the individual in a collective activity. To reconcile ourselves to this fundamental requirement, we need education and it is a long and painful process. The importance is to turn discipline into a willing exertion or labor. It has to be a willing job, discharge with a smile. The employees are inspired to be truthful when they see that the management is practicing honesty in the workplace as well as to its clients. Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. has been living up with its name through these years thereby gaining respect and integrity to the industry. Remember, magic experiences leave lasting positive impression for repeat sales. If treated well, five others will be informed but if badly treated, ten people will know.

Management consists of the creation of the proper relationships between the productive factors of a business unit within an industry and the maintenance of these relationships in terms of changing conditions. This definition brings out the true implications of management.

Monday, July 4, 2011


The common objective in every investigation is to gather facts about a certain incident so that a resolution of an existing problem and chaotic situation could be achieved. Also, obtain relevant data to support or clear some issues as well as to stand as evidence in court proceedings. The clients who sought the investigation, readers or selected jury or lawyers outside the agency the private investigator is connected might scrutinize every aspect of any investigation. Hence, an investigation is not something that should be done haphazardly or without a clear plan in mind. If not, the investigation report might be obscure and useless, thereby hard to decipher later. Since an investigation might later be subject to scrutiny, every part of the investigation should be documented including the up-front planning processes until the completion of the investigative reports. Hence, the following ideas would help the investigator conduct an effective secret investigation:

a. Know the mission through proper briefing. Before handling the job, the purposes of the investigations should be properly discussed. The information needed to be gathered should also be figured out.
b. Set-up a time frame of the investigation. Although other investigation needs much time in scrutinizing the data provided or data gathering, it should also meet the deadline so as to give more value on the investigative reports. This would resolve the issues quickly.
c. Form an investigative support team. If other relevant information were missed out during the first attempt, other support team could do the follow-up inquiries so as not to get “burnout”.
d. Determine whom to interview. Investigators should consider the people to be inquired upon. Also, by knowing the mission, investigator would probably knows as to who are the capable person to give the necessary information.
e. Where to conduct the inquiry. The characteristics and status of the informants also depends on the areas and location they are in. Hence, information they may know may be limited too.
f. What manner of interview would be done. Investigators may have their own styles and methods of investigation. They may differ on how critical the mission is or what approach they may use to make the investigation run smoothly with little risks and have a positive outcome.
g. Prepare a set of written questions. So as not to forget the information needed, a series of questions could be formulated beforehand so as not to buckle while doing the interviews. Also, to avoid the informant from getting aware of the investigation. Investigator should deliver questions professionally.
h. Prepare extensive cover stories. To avoid conflict, the investigator should have least three cover stories should be in your mind. If the first one would not work, you still have second and third options.
i. When to conduct multiple interviews. Rounds of interviews may tend to contradictions of informants’ claims but it is a technique to assess better the credibility of their statements from one another. They might have different ideas on the issue which may also support each statement.
j. Plan for follow-up interviews. Considering the information and documents gathered on few inquiries, subsequent interviews may be necessary to check its veracity as well as to dig deeper other relevant issue.
k. Minimize informant’s intimidation. Informants might get intimidated with the presence of other people during the course of investigation. Also, with the degree of questions being asked. Application of need-to-know basis should also be observed.
l. Obtain confirmatory written remarks/notes. Relevant information should be properly documented for future reference. Also, to give clear understanding on the issue. It would minimize the opportunity for the informant to dispute investigators recollection of the interview or retraction of story.
m. Obtain relevant documents, photographs and location maps. Attachments to the reports like documents make the report more credible.
n. Avoid needless theorizing and comments. Investigator’s comments may put the investigation into a compromising situation. It may lead to confusions and contradiction to the authenticity of the information from other informant.

Bear in mind that the investigation report is more often and not challenged legally, hence, the private investigator will likewise be asked to defend the fairness and quality of the investigative process. The very well-planned investigation would surely have good result. Flaws would also be minimized if not eliminated. Otherwise, accuracy and credibility would be jeopardized.

Melvin R. Royo


Fingerprint Identification has been used for identification purposes for over a century and has been a key component in the determination of culprits for many years. All over the globe, fingerprint identification has served police forces and governments alike to provide them with accurate and reliable information of suspects and criminals. Fingerprints Identification has lead to more positive identifications of people all over the world than any other known human identification method.

It is common knowledge that no two fingerprints will ever be the same, and this information has been surmised from the hundreds of millions of human as well as automated computer comparisons made. Since everyone has a unique fingerprint, and fingerprints remain on surfaces because of the natural secretions of the body, fingerprints can be used to confirm identity and to prove if a certain person came in contact with an object. Fingerprinting is used to both establish identity and to confirm the presence of someone in a particular place.

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) offers an extensive range of fingerprint services, from fingerprint lifting or taking to comparison. Facilities available for examination of any surface; smooth non-porous, rough non-porous, paper, cardboard, plastics, vinyl, rubber, leather, adhesive coated surfaces, metal, raw wood, wax and waxed surfaces and many others.
For information about this service or to schedule an appointment, please call (02) 634-7571 and 634-7573 or you may email TVSI is located at 2/F Cityland Bldg. 128 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. For more information on TVSI, please visit their website at:

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There are a lot of private detectives in the Philippines nowadays. So many, that sometimes people are getting confused in deciding as to who will they choose in particular and hire to do the private detective jobs.

Everyday fraudulent activities, dishonesty, cheating spouses, etc. happen in the cities of Metro Manila or all over the Philippines. And there are extremely high numbers in it. So people lost their confidence in the surrounding society and they are looking for answers. Those that cannot do it by themselves need to hire someone who can – a true private detective. In other words, that man that is going to solve your personal problems and keep their mouth shut just because this is their job and they swear not to open it by any means possible.

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) specializes in Surveillance, Background Investigations, Locating Missing Persons (Skip Tracing), Record Checking, Questioned Document Examination, Polygraph (Lie Detector Test), and many others. TVSI can discreetly investigate a person and obtain information to help you with any investigation required for your peace of mind.

TVSI can initiate background checks with limited information such as name, prior address, and birthday. Their company is well trusted and in fact awarded in 2008 as the Hall of Fame for Best Private Detective Agency by the Philippine National Police.

TVSI’s private detectives are all licensed professional detectives trained in the art of surveillance and investigation service. Having a License is a requirement in Philippines to be able to testify in court. Also, certain qualifications, training and experience are definitely required to be a licensed private detective in the Philippines. The prime duty of a TVSI private eye is to take whatever information provided by the client and then proceed to attempt to uncover whatever information or evidence required by the client in a timely and discreet manner without alerting the subject. All private detective work is always 100% confidential and totally discreet.

To know more of their company and their different services, please email them at or call tel. nos. 634-7571 and 634-7573

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Employees, nowadays, are already tempted to do activities inimical to the company due to the inevitable effects of global financial crises. At times, the management is contributory negligent if it allows dishonesty and stealing easy and attractive in the workplace.

One can make a difference. Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI), Philippine National Police Hall of Fame Awardee as The Best Private Detective Agency, under its President, Conrado G. Dumlao, has been conducting a one-day seminar entitled “Catch Company Thieves”.

Among the edifying topics to be talked about during this seminar are Body Language (Signals When Lying ), Legal Aspects of Investigation, Business Fraud Schemes, Anonymous Reporting System (Whistleblower), Written Statement Analysis and Lie Detector Test (with live demo).

This seminar reaffirms the importance of high standard of employee’s morality – a sure way to merit the confidence and support of the public. Good employee performance and compliance with business rules lead to success. All employees are responsible for compliance of the company rules, standards, and principles. In the areas of ethics, legality, and propriety, each employee has an obligation to the company which transcends normal reporting relationship. Employees will be expected to cooperate in investigation of violations.

The faculty of lecturers who will share their intellectual wealth in their field of expertise are TVSI President and Captain of Professional Detectives, Capt. Conrado G. Dumlao (Ret.); former AVP-HR of Asian Bank, Ms. Josefina B. Geraldez – Castillo; and the Risk Management Partner of Punongbayan & Araullo, Mr. Juan Carlos B. Robles.

Capt. Dumlao’s advocacy to challenge fraud in the workplace inspired him to organize this kind of seminar. In fact, he has been giving lectures on the same matters for several years to educate the employees and management on how useful they are to bring harmony in the workplace. Likewise, to instill in their mind their responsibility to prevent, deter, detect and investigate fraud. Building trust through security awareness program is another way of increasing company profits because the most successful team players are the ones who do not steal, cheat or exploit, thereby, helping companies increase employee productivity level and minimize company losses due to unmonitored fraud, internal theft or other forms of illegal activities.

For more queries, please call 635-5929, 635-5985 or e-mail us at or log-on to

Melvin R. Royo


Citizen Truth Verifier Academy, Inc., a subsidiary of Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. – Philippine National Police Hall of Fame awardee as the Best Private Detective Agency, announces an exceptional and one-of-a-kind Pre-Licensing and Re-Training Private Detective Courses. Said courses are accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Pre-Licensing course is composed of 80 hours. Anybody who is physically and mentally fit, baccalaureate degree holder and has the passion to do investigative and detective works, is welcome to take this course. This course would indoctrinate basic and advanced education skills in the field of investigation and detection. This would also help to develop hidden talents useful in doing a work of a private eye.

The school also accepts applicants for the 40-Hour Re-Training Course. It is one of the prerequisites for the renewal of license. This is to help the in-service licensed private detectives re-invigorate their knowledge and skills and adapt the present technologies.

Among the thought-provoking topics to be taught are: RA 5487, Rules and Regulation; Professional Conduct & Ethics; Gender Development Awareness; Community and Public Relation; Basic Life Support (First Aid); Bomb Threat/Detection Management; Fire Safety, Prevention and Control; Criminal Investigation; Background/Credit Investigation; Surveillance/Undercover; Discreet Photo-Videography, Legal Aspects of Investigation; Interview and Interrogation; Investigative Report Writing; Skip Tracing and Process Serving; Collection and Preservation of Evidence; Forgery Detection; Fingerprint Analysis; Lie Detector Test; and Firearm Proficiency.

Some of the topics also include practicum and laboratory exercises.

Meanwhile, Citizen Truth Verifier Academy, Inc. is accredited by TESDA, CHED, PNP and the Office of the Ombudsman. Moreover, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. is a member of the Association of Professional Investigators and Detectives, Inc., World Association of Detectives, American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, International.

CTVAI provides a favorable schedule for the potential applicants. It also accepts enrollees who would like to focus on a certain topic.

For more details, please dial 635-5929, 635-5985 or you may send your query by fax at 634-7569 or email at You can also visit our URL

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc
Citizen Truth Verifier Academy, Inc.


Fraud is one of the world’s most-talked-about issues confronting humankind. Fraud can occur in different forms, at different types of organizations, and at different levels within the company. It is “everywhere”.

Incidents of fraud are even more rampant in the workplace.  A number of high-tech equipment has been developed to combat the spread of fraud.  However, while the great emergence of highly modernized equipment is coming out in the market, fraud is equally increasing.  

Like the case of a reported woman-owner of an exporting company in the business of purchasing United States goods on behalf of clients in the Philippines and shipping those overseas was sentenced to 37 months in prison in connection with a $15-M scheme to defraud the US-based bank. Said woman is one of the two remaining individuals, who agreed to waive indictment and pleaded guilty to two-count information charging her with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and another count of mail fraud.

Amidst the financial dilemma in our country today is the never-ending controversies on graft and corruption.  In any ways and forms, almost all government officials have been linked onto the complex web of corruption. It must have been deeply rooted from the previous leaders and may have grown vastly that averting it nowadays seems already difficult and unbearable. 

Despite the government’s strong campaign to combat corruption, it has not lessened yet. There are also non-government organizations and concerned citizens who willingly support crusade via unrelenting media and fast-growing social networking sites. However, there are still so many cases of graft and corruption that are pending before the courts. Only a very small percentage was convicted. Everyone is still hoping to have a “change”.

Fraud, on the other hand, is done discreetly by anyone or a group in a small or big organization.  It even became a new scheme for people to earn for a living.  Others may have conspiracy with the top executives. Silence is fraud's best friend; word of mouth is fraud's worst enemy.

High-tech gadgets and equipment may be effective but they are expensive. There is no other inexpensive effort in curtailing fraudulent activities both in private and public sectors but to keep the public informed. The best substitute to gadgets is education and right information.   

A number of local and international companies have embarked on preventing fraud in the workplace.  One of the most significant and effective steps is educating the people by holding seminars and workshops.  Several security professionals focus on broadening their knowledge on fraud detection.  Working hand in hand with the security experts and practitioners will somehow help lessen if not eradicate the incidents of fraud. 

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI), PNP awardee as “Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency” and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, has been noted to be the most active company that fights fraud and corruption in our country. The company holds seminars on preventing and detecting fraud in the workplace all over the Philippines. Most of the audiences are security professionals, accountants, auditors, lawyers, businessmen and admin. managers from different business organizations.  The lecturers are known to be security experts and proven to have solved numerous fraud cases in the country.  They are also members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

TVSI also caters in-house seminars and detective courses. For more details, please call 635-5929 and 635-5985 or visit

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.