Friday, May 31, 2013

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 Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. Investigation & Detection Company

Manila Detecitives Private Detective Agency in Philippines

Know everything on anything. TVSI Private Detective Services in the Philippines erases your doubts and fears by furnishing you with factual information gathered with our systematic approach. All work of course is done discreetly so that your search for the truth remains a secret.

The Lie Detector Test is used in specific case investigation, periodic clearance and pre-employment. It detects the guilty and exonerates the innocent among suspects in any irregularity and form unjust accusation unwarranted suspicion and malicious gossip. The Lie Detector Philippines test is reliable scientific tool. It is admissible as circumstantial evidence by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Catch the infidel spouse or an employee who is moonlighting or cheating the company. Check out the facts on disability claims for Workmen’s Compensation. They are credible expert witness in court.
Undercover private detective services in the Philippines can be your eyes and ears to monitor what is going on in your business while you are out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TRUTH VERIFIER SYSTEMS, INC. Celebrates 47th Anniversary

By: Fatima M. Purugganan 

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI), the first licensed private detective company in the Philippines, noted for its exemplary service, expertise, integrity, ingenious and truthful reporting, marks its 47th Year of Excellence. Founded in May 1966, TVSI is licensed by the Philippine National Police (PNP) with License No.: PDA-001. Through the years of excellent service, TVSI is, so far the only PNP Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency for being the most consistent awardee in the years 1999, 2006, 2007 and 2008. The company is also the 1st International Organization for Standardization (ISO) registered Private Detective Agency for Lie Detector Testing, Detective and Investigative Services and Training.

TVSI is accredited by CHED (Commission on higher Education), TESDA (Technical Education & Skills Development Authority); PNP (Philippine National Police) and OMB (Office of the Ombudsman) for our highly-acclaimed services as well as our unprecedented trainings in the field of investigation and detection.  To note, the company is equipped with the most advanced Computerized Lie Detector Systems used by the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service and Law Enforcement Agencies in the U.S. for Specific Case Investigation, Periodic Clearance and Pre-employment Screening. Likewise, the company specializes in Background Investigation, Fraud Investigation, Surveillance & Undercover, Locating Persons/Properties, Record Checking, Lifestyle Checking and evidence gathering. The company guarantees SECRECY and compartmentalization. 

The company, with its aim   to share its intellectual wealth, put up its training school – Citizen Truth Verifier Academy, Inc. (CTVAI) in 2005. To be more efficient and competitive, it sees to it that its private detectives regularly attend seminars on Advanced Investigation & Polygraph to upgrade their knowledge and skills as well as to cope with the latest trend. As the demand rises, the company has expanded and opened its branch in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, to extend the quality service in the Calabarzon Region.

Through the years, TVSI has evolved and has added to its reputable name, not only in quality training school but also offers now highly graded Security Products or Instruments of Highly-Skilled Professionals that will greatly help the law-enforcers and ordinary citizens as well. It is good to mention that the company offers on sale the instrument for effective service such as bug/metal detectors; microscopes & magnifiers; fingerprint equipment & supplies; computerized Lie Detector, Crime Laboratory Equipment and CCTV devices. 

To God be the Glory!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Polygraph Screening Program for Public and Private Service

President, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. 

The term “polygraph” literally means “many writing”. It refers to the manner on which selected physiological activities are simultaneously recorded. It is an accurate and delicately engineered instrument that records blood pressure, blood volume, pulse rate, sweating and breathing used for investigation, honesty check and pre-employment screening. It may be a conventional instrument, sometimes referred to as analog instruments, or computerized polygraph instruments.  

“Polygraph Test”, also known as “Lie Detector Test”, has been widely used by the CIA, FBI, US Secret Service, Law Enforcement and best-managed companies all over the world for Pre-employment Screening, Periodic Audit and Specific Case Investigation.

Polygraph has been noted to be very powerful and effective tool in pre-employment screening for both public and private sectors in selecting the most valuable asset – the right people, especially when the position requires a high degree of honesty and integrity; when honesty and confidence are vested on the occupant of the position; and when immediate information about the job applicant is needed. Likewise, this tool helps know the background of the applicant, uncover any problems that might interfere with the job, and determine the veracity of the information in the applicants’ resume during the pre-test interview. This technique can also be considered as a preventive security measure to avoid the commission of wrongdoings in the future. This is also a strong deterrent to doing any inimical activities in the company once the applicant is accepted.

A typical polygraph test consists of a pre-test interview, review of the relevant questions, in-test interview and a post-test analysis or interrogation. During the pre-test, the examiner explains to the examinee about the details of the case. The examiner then can create a set of questions related to the case. The in-test is the part of the examination in which the polygraph measures the examinee’s responses to the questions. It is usually made up of about 10 questions, out of which three or four are relevant. The other questions are control questions, which are broad questions that give the examiner some perspective when analyzing the examinee’s reactions. In the post-test interrogation, the examiner analyzes and then evaluates the chart recordings based on numerical scoring to determine whether or not the subject was telling the truth. On this phase, the examiner can conduct interrogation to the examinee if there are significant reactions to the chart recordings of the examiner. Hence, further interview may be conducted to possible elicit written statement or admission.

As the demand of the use of polygraph increases, many people also ask about its accuracy. The U.S. Treasury Department funded experiments showed polygraph to be 90% accurate. In more recent research, the confirmed average validity was shown to be 98%. The results were declared almost no error.

Meanwhile, polygraph is also being questioned when it comes to its admissibility in court. According to the reports, the U.S. Court of Appeals in 1989 in U.S. vs. Piccionnona declared in precedent setting decision that “the Science of Polygraph has progressed to a level of acceptance sufficient to allow the use of polygraph evidence”. Furthermore, U.S. Supreme court in 1993, in William Daubert vs. Merrel Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., adopted polygraph expert scientific testimony in federal trial and in U.S. vs. Scheffer trial in 1998, the polygraph provides another accurate form of circumstantial evidence of consciousness of guilt and found it sufficiently reliable to be admitted.

In the Philippines, the first and the Number 1 industrial lie detector company is Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI). Its President, Conrado G. Dumlao, Ph.D., decided to open such business to cater the needs of the security industry to combat the growing fraud activities as well as to strengthen the pre-employment screening. Dr. Dumlao is listed as an active Professional Polygraph Examiner and International Liaison Committee Member of the American Polygraph Association, U.S.A.

TVSI was awarded by the Philippine National Police as the first “Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency” for being the most consistent recipient of the award. Its professional and skilled examiners also cope with the changes by continuous trainings and workshops. Established in the Philippines in 1966, it is now 47 years in excellence service. It is also the first ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company for lie detector testing, detective and investigative services, and training. It has also been recognized for its exemplary service, expertise, integrity and truthful reporting by numerous local associations making it also known globally through satisfied clientele.

Lie Detector really helps companies solve corporate fraud and dishonesty. It also helps to deter employees from committing activities inimical to the company thereby, minimizing company losses brought by fraud, internal theft and/or other forms of illegal acts.

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. is located at Unit 254, 2/F Cityland Building, #128 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City, with contact numbers 634-7571 & 634-7573, fax no. 634-7569, e-mail address and websites and It has also an office in the US located at 308 Beechwood Place, Leonia, New Jersey 07605, U.S.A.

Monday, May 6, 2013

"The Captain" is now "A Doctor"

Conrado G. Dumlao

Dr. Conrado G. Dumlao receives his hood from Dr. Ma. Cecilia Bautista Lim, Chairperson of the Board and PCCR President. With them also are (L-R): Dr. Luis F. Dumlao, his son and Chair of Economics Dept. of Ateneo de Manila University; Dr. Harry C. Lorenzo, Jr., PCCR Dean of Graduate School; and Dr. Josefina F. Dumlao, his wife and a former Dean of PWU.

By: Melvin R. Royo
The President of Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI), Capt. Conrado G. Dumlao, also known as “The Captain of Professional Detectives” received his Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology degree at the Philippine College of Criminology (PCCr) during the 51st Graduate School Commencement Exercises that was held at the Manila Hotel on April 20, 2013.   

Dr. Dumlao, who used to be in the military intelligence, is now a successful businessman, who caters lie detector (polygraph), detective and investigative services to both public and private firms all over the country. His vast exposure to this kind of enterprise helped him completed his dissertation entitled “Polygraph Screening Program for Public and Private Service Applicants”, which caught attention from the panel. His expertise on the topic and the uniqueness of the content together with the professional guidance of his adviser Dr. Elsa P. EspaƱol Enriquez, have made these studies a success.  

Meanwhile, Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. is noted for its expertise in the field of polygraphy, detective and investigative services.  It is ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and was awarded by the Philippine National Police as Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency. It is located at Unit 254 Cityland Bldg., 128 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City, with telephone numbers (02) 634-7571 and (02) 634-7573.  It has a branch office at 2/F, Don Francisco M. Tan Gana Bldg., National Highway, Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Visit us at * * Email