Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Polygraph

Liars, cheaters and pretenders were being caught by their own quotes. They have been trying to escape the vast reality but as the technology reach its advancement period, there is a certain way to detect if a person is telling a truth or a lie. Polygraph Examination or in layman’s term LIE DETECTOR TEST

Polygraph measure processes of the body that is not easily consciously controlled that may rise or fall when telling a lie--such as Pneumograph is to measure the breathing pattern. There were 2 pneumographs, rubber tubes with air, placed around the subject’s chest and abdomen. When the muscles in the said part of the body expand, the air inside the tubes is displaced. Second, the Skin Response is to measure the sweating activity of the person under the polygraph test. Another term used is the Electro Dermal Activity, the instrument used is the Galvanometer, where it is attached to 2 fingers of the subject that will take the polygraph test. Lastly, the Cardiograph is to measure the vitals found in our heart such like of Blood Pressure, Blood Volume and Pulse Rate. There is a blood pressure cuff place around the subject’s upper arm, as the blood pumps through the arm. It makes sound that changes the pressure caused by the sound displace the air in the tubes which connected to the bellows that moves the pen.

Today, most polygraph test is administered with digital equipment. It was not that long ago when polygraph machines where completely analog in nature. Then the 1960's and 1970's, polygraph examiners were able to develop a huge volume of cliental and case assignments by specializing in pre-employment screening services and periodic employment screening services. There were thousands of large companies in the United States that required employees to take polygraph examinations before being hired and once or twice a year after they became employed. The federal government outlawed this practice by federal law.

For some, polygraph may create a negative connotation. Some may think that it is not accurate neither or reliable. But how accurate a lie detector test? – Polygraph test is highly accurate, if the test is done correctly by a qualified examiner. The accuracy of the test is determined by the test score. The test is administered to current standards, advancement of equipment and scoring system is applied correctly.

TVSI’s Polygraph division, a group of qualified polygraph examiners who were trained and certified by the American Polygraph Association. Well trained by top professionals and patterned to CIA style of investigating cases. Before the Polygraph examination, there is an interview to be conducted by the qualified examiner to further gather information that can be helpful to the case that needs to be investigated. There is also discussion of proper procedure to be done for the subject’s knowledge of what will happen when he is about to take the lie detector test.

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) pioneers in lie detector test in the Philippines wherein they give security services to the government and private sector. The company gives seminars in detecting fraud in workplace all over the Philippines. Most of the seminar attendees are accountants, auditor, security, administration managers, lawyers, and business from different company.

TVSI also offers in-house seminars and detective courses. For more details, please log on to or call us at +632 634-5929 and +632 6347571.

Jennifer B. Mejia
Truth Verifier System, Inc.