Friday, March 23, 2012

Catch Company Thieves


Learn the secrets on how to catch company thieves though the seminar series entitled “Catch Company Thieves,” organized by Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI), Philippine National Police Awardee as the Hall of Fame Best Private Detective Agency. This seminar will start in April. This series is comprised of different topics that are immediately needed in business and industry.It is suitable for executives, employers, and professionals for them to acquire necessary knowledge and skills that would enable them to help in decreasing, if not completely eradicating, fraud and other forms of dishonesty in their companies that cause unnecessary losses.

Mr. Raul V. Domingo, Operations Manager of TVSI, is going to talk about Background Investigation which will mainly focus on different means of acquiring information about individuals in discreet ways. He will also discuss Surveillance and Undercover to teach the participants the various means of monitoring a person or a group of persons’ activities as well as their lifestyle. Physical and Verbal Clues of Lying, on the other hand, will be the topic of Dr. Mila O. Hernandez, Former Vice President of Unionbank. This topic will revolve around the verbal and physical indications of deception.Value of Lie Detector Test, a topic that will focus on educating the participants regarding the value of polygraph including its admissibility in the court, accuracy, and how it works, will be the topic of TVSI President Capt. ConradoG. Dumlao.

Meanwhile, Mr. Miguel Panchito P. Dela Paz, a senior investigator at TVSI, will discuss Investigative Interview from which participants can learn the art of Situation-Action Response (SAR). Ms. Beatriz Corpuz, Chief Polygraphist of TVSI, will talk about Investigative Interrogation and its various approaches including the proper ways of handling subjects so that they could give you the answers you need. Forgery Detection will also be included in this year’s list of topics. It will be discussed by Mr. Jesus Belanio, Former vice president of UCPB. This topic will mainly touch on the nature of forgery and how one could verify the authenticity of documents. It would be very suitable for everyone who is exposed to documents. Ms. Catherine Aquino, QD and FP Consultant of TVSI, is going to talk about Fingerprint Analysis. This will mainly cover the characteristics of fingerprints as well as the principles of fingerprinting. It will also include some discussion on the ways of fingerprint lifting as well as tips on where to find these marks.

Apart from these, another very significant topic about Anatomy of Burglary will be discussed by Mr. Carlito Galita, General Manager and President of Aquillans Security and Investigative Services. This topic will allow the participants to have a clear understanding of what the nature of burglary is including the types of burglars and their motivations, as well as what makes a “good burglar.” Physical Security, a seminar that will impart lessons on situations that bring about insecure conditions and comprehensive security program, will be discussed by Mr. Renato DG De Guzman, Special Services Head of the Unilab. It will also cover principles of physical security. Mr. Antonio Angeles, Training Director of the RMA Training Center will talk about Electronic Counter Intelligence that will give awareness about the different state-of-the-art equipment and gadgets that can be used in monitoring workplaces for possible harmful activities.This will also help deter further occurrence of a crime.

Cyber Crime Investigation, a topic that will impart a clear understanding about its nature including discussions on intellectual property rights, cybercrime bills, child pornography,and the legal recommendations regarding these issues, will also be one of the topics. It will be discussed by Cyber Crime Lawyer Atty. Noel Ramiscal. Mr. Juan Carlos Robles, Partner at Punongbayan and Araullo, will also talk about Financial Fraud Schemes. This will teach the participants the common indicators of fraud and possible corruption for their institutions to be protected from those who take advantage. Atty. Leynard Dumlao, Prosecutor IV in the City of Mandaluyong, will tackle Legal Aspects of Investigation. It will basically teach about the laws that affect investigation, types of evidence, Miranda Rules and Rights as well as the limits and extent of evidence gathering and preserving pieces of evidence.

Catch Company Thieves Leaflet (Downloadable)

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