Friday, July 5, 2013

FACES Cops and Kids! The Ultimate Composite Picture

“With so many applications for schools, FACES could become a significant part of the K-12th grade curriculum and beyond!”

Smart schools mean smart kids; and safe schools mean safe kids!

It’s a simple fact that kids learn better in a safe environment.  They need to feel secure and they need to be secured.  With “FACES: Cops and Kids” program, schools can feel safer and be safer!

This program is another newest technology offered by Smart Kids Software, USA through its authorized distributor in the Philippines – Express Order System, Inc. 

FACES is an art-based software program, allowing students to create artist-quality facial composite drawings, without having pre-developed drawing skills. Art teachers will love working with the FACES software and should be able to offer the training necessary to make the facial composites even more accurate. “FACES: Cops and Kids” program brings Art and Science together in a fun and rewarding way!

Cops and Kids!

Interacting on a daily basis, police officers become a significant role model for the student body, representing law and order and community service. “FACES: Cops and Kids Program” teaches children about law enforcement’s role, responsibilities and the equally important fact that police officers are a child’s friend.

School Safety!

With FACES software available in the schools, students, teachers, staff and parents, who observe a suspicious person or someone who may be suspected of a crime, will have the resources available to develop an artist-quality facial composite within minutes.

Learning Interview Skills!

“FACES: Cops and Kids” program teaches students to use interview skills, both direct and cognitive, to get information from others. While learning these skills, plus basic communication techniques, students will soon build their personal confidence. Cognitive interviewing teaches students to be thorough, comprehensive and effective investigators, an attribute for problem-solving. In addition, a host of other benefits are gained: memory-building, speech, articulation and more!


“FACES: Cops and Kids” program teaches children a variety of ways to remember faces, statements and situations. These skills enable students to increase short term memory, help them associate words, phrases and situations together to improve recollection of facts and figures.  Classroom lessons, homework and study materials are more easily accessed from memory, helping the students retain more information and earn better grades.

For additional information, you may contact Smart Kids Software at (888) 881-6001 or visit us online at You may also contact the authorized distributor in the Philippines – Express Order System, Inc. at (+63 2) 634-7575 and you may visit our website

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