Saturday, January 14, 2012

WANTED: Private Detective

by: Jennifer B. Mejia

Each year, Philippinesis producing competitive and well-rounded graduates who have their own specialization on their chosen field. However, looking at the employment status of the Philippines. Most Filipinos with baccalaureate degree are striving hard to have a stable work. Plus, the previous graduates who are currently unemployed will add to the pressure to vie for getting their dream job.

Newly Graduate? Need of Work? Not a Problem. Here at Truth Verifier System, Inc. is the company that pioneers in lie detector test in the Philippines wherein giving security services to the government and private sector. It was founded in May 1966 and is now on its 45th year of quality service.

We are looking for competent and potential PRIVATE DETECTIVE / INVESTIGATORS. For interested applicants here are the needed requirements to comply.
 College Graduate of Bachelor of Criminology or any 4 year course.
 Possesses Good Moral Character.
 Must be physically and mentally fit.
 Willing to go on training courses.

On the other hand, TVSI will assure an ‘EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEED’ scheme for those who will pass the company’s requirements and expectations. Join now and be part of the growing family of Truth Verifier System’s Inc. Apply in person and bring your updated resume and other credentials at Unit 254, Cityland Bldg., 128 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. For other questions and information, feel free to drop a call at this number 634-75-73 or you can fax it to 634-7569.

We also have our website, please visit where you can also send your resume and other credentials. Kindly look for Ms. Angel Aguilar, TVSI’s Admin Assistant.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last November 15, 2011, Citizen Truth Verifier Academy conducted the Security Management Techniques Seminar at the ATENEO PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS. The said seminar started 8:00 A.M. and lasted 6:00 P.M. There are 75 attendees from different sectors and private firms participated on the whole day affair.

It was organized by the top associates of Citizen Truth Verifier Academy lead by Ms. Marietta C. Cairo as the Head Event Organizer. There are 7 topics were discussed in relation to Security and Investigation field. First speaker was Mr. Raul V. Domingo, Operations Manager of Truth Verifier Systems, Inc., tackled Background Investigation from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. He shared definitions, approaches, techniques and other relevant information to know on Background Investigation.

Another speaker was Mr. Miguel Panchito P. Dela Paz, a registered criminologist and Assistant Chief Polygraphist of TVSI. The participants acquired several techniques in conducting interview for an investigation. The partaking of knowledge took for an hour and a half.

Mid-afternoon, the third speaker supervised by Ms. Beatriz S. Corpuz, Chief Polygraphist of TVSI, talked over the concepts and perceptions on Investigation Interrogation. She elaborately discussed the techniques on how to conduct effectively. She also explains the approaches on having a systematic investigation and she further shared some experiences that she had while conducting interrogation, although, confidential information were not disclosed.

The event became more informative when Capt. Conrado G. Dumlao, Captain of Professional Detectives and President of Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. shared his own expertise on investigation and detection with the topic on value of lie detector test. He also gives details on the procedure, instrumentation and uses of lie detector test

Around 2:00 P.M., Mr. Raul V. Domingo taught the participants basic and advance information in conducting surveillance. He also classified and defined the methods on surveillance. Another topic was and tackled by one of the finest prosecutor of Mandaluyong City, Atty. Leynard O. Dumlao. He imparted different laws that can affect while conducting an investigation.

Also present in the said occasion, Honorable Antonio C. Angeles who engaged as one of the guest speaker. He taught the participants the ideas and means on electronic counter intelligence.

At the end of day, the participants rated the said occasion as Excellent or Very Good with remarks of either Highly Recommended or Recommended.

Meanwhile Citizen Truth Verifier Academy, subsidiary of Truth Verifier Systems Inc., also conducts in-house seminars through client-arrangements. Some of the topics are Forgery Detection, Fingerprint analysis and Cybercrime. We also array private detective pre-licensing course.

For more information, feel free to drop a call at these numbers 635-5929 or 635-5985 or e-mail at drop or you may visit our website at Kindly look for Ms. Marietta Cairo, Head of Training Department or Ms. Jen Mejia, TVSI Associate.