Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TVSI Upgrades Lie Detector Instruments With Sensitivity Pads

 Sensitivity pads can be placed under the arms, seat, and feet. Photo courtesy of Lafayette Instrument.

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) has upgraded its machines. Apart from being computerized, they now have sensitivity pads which make polygraph testing more accurate and therefore, more reliable.

Through these sensitivity pads, not only gross movements and reactions of the subjects could be detected but also those that are very subtle. This means that even those actions which may not be seen by the lie detector examiner during the observation could be monitored and even recorded. These sensors can be placed under the arms and feet.

TVSI has been known for having the most modern lie detector machine in the country. It uses computerized lie detector machines making it possible for the result to be up on the next business day and thus making it easier to detect who is lying.

The company is regularly featured on “Don’t lie to me” segment of “Showbiz Central” on GMA 7.

Through these upgrades, catching liars, cheaters, and thieves could be done with less ease and in no time preventing further losses to occur.