Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The History of the Lie Detector Test

Today, most people know it by the name "Lie Detector Test", but the instrument is officially named as the Polygraph Machine. Mankind has always been in search for the truth, and the truth is all that matters for the Polygraph Machine. 

Nobody loves a liar, that is a true statement, would you ever the same love for a person who cheated on you? Who told lies about their lives and hid you the truth? Lying may very well be worse than physically abuse, because the conscience is blocked in order to tell a lie.

But how long has the "Lie Detector" been in the game of truth? Here's a timeline of the history of the Polygraph Machine.

1878 - Italian Physiologist Angelo Mosso introduced the "Plethysmograph", a machine which he used in his research on the emotions of persons undergoing an investigation or questioning. He measured the effects on cardiovascular and respiratory responses from the subjects.

A 1978 model of the Plethysmograph
1895 - Cesare Lombroso - Italian physician, psychiatrist, and pioneer criminologist, he used a modified hydrosphygmograph to measure a crime suspect's blood pressure and pulse rate during a police interrogation. He used this modified instrument on several actual cases.

1914 - Calculating the quotient of inhalation to exhalation time using a Pneumograph (A device used to measure and record breathing patterns) was discovered by Italian psychologist Vittorio Benussi. He concluded that a person's emotional and respiratory changes when they are telling a lie.

A Pneumograph Tube attached n the abdomen area.
1921 - John Larson, a Canadian psychologist employed at Berkeley Police Department developed the modern Polygraph Instrument. Hi machine was the first to simultaneously measure the subject's pulse, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. It was used with much success in criminal investigations.

John Larson's Polygraph model

1938 - Leonarde Keeler added a third physiological measuring component - the galvanometer, which measures a subject's skin electrical resistance. It completed the components needed for the modern Polygraph system that we know today.

1945 - John E. Reid, a lawyer from Chicago, developed the Control Question Technique (CQT), designed to emotionally arouse non-deceptive subjects. It was a major breakthrough in polygraph methodology.

1948 - Leonarde Keeler founded the world's first polygraph school in Chicago, Illinois.

1992 - The Polygraph made its entrance into the computer age when doctors John Kircher and David Raskin developed the Computer Assisted Polygraph System (CAPS), which incorporated the first algorithm for evaluating physiological data collected for diagnostic purposes.

The digital Polygraph Instrument

2003 - U.S. Department of Energy commissions review committee to study the scientific evidence of the polygraph. It concluded that none can outperform the polygraph in truth-seeking.

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc
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Today, the polygraph examination, or much known in the Philippines as the "Lie Detector Test" remains to be the most effective means of verifying truth and detecting deception. 

Information Source: http://www.polygraphia.ca/


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